Sarangi & Cutie

Ruud & Sugi
Sarangi & Cutie

Dear Hacer and Mutlu Köpek Oteli Family Members,

We are so happy that we found your beautiful dog hotel. We examined several places but during a visit to your establishment we felt the love and care that Mutlu Köpek Oteli Family radiates. This made us decide to leave them in your caring hands, now for more than 4 years already.

Since the early days of your dog hotel Sarangi and Cutie have always been well looked after, with great love and professionalism from you and your team. We travel aboard several times per year during which you take excellent care of our dogs, sometimes for 4 or 5 days, sometimes even for a complete month! Our dogs mean a lot to us and we are at peace when we travel; because they stay with you we know they will be happy and in good hands.

Your care for the dogs is expressed by the dogs: when we bring them they feel immediately at home, a second family-home away from home! When they return they are happy, lively...and tired because you keep them well busy!

Thank you very much for giving so much care and love to Sarangi and Cutie, we love you and the team! ❤